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Estate Jewelery and Diamond Appraisals

The more you know, the better we look!  What is a jewelry appraisal? An appraisal of fine jewelry, estate jewelery and watches done by an expert in the field of gemology the documents the value of the article described. It first requires an accurate representation of the item and its components - gemstones and mountings - their identification and qualitative grading against industry standards. If the value of an item is more than $1,000.00, it usually will be required to have documentation in order to have it separately scheduled through your insurance policy. Extra coverage is then purchased and the item is fully covered for replacement value of your  item.

estate jewelery and diamond appraisal Tucson

Diamond Appraisals ~ Tucson

Generally used for insurance purposes, diamond appraisals are incredibly useful in estimating the value of a particular stone, whether loose, mounted or used in jewelry. While the value of a diamond can change considerably over time, the estimate is used as a general guideline to determine the replacement value if it were to be stolen. A Diamond Appraisal is a certificate in which an expert diamond appraiser completes a series of inspections of the numerous qualities of a diamond to determine the grade of the diamond. Diamond color and clarity, for example, are inspected with sophisticated equipment and the diamond is compared with a number of other diamonds whose characteristics are known and established. Each quality can be measured and the appraiser has a chart of the various grading that can be attributed to each characteristic.